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WhatsApp Plus
App Name WhatsApp Plus
App Version V17.57
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category WhatsApp Plus
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7988)

WhatsApp Plus is an advanced version of the original WhatsApp chat and conversation program. Plus WhatsApp The program has been modified and many features have been added to it, which allow all users to enjoy privacy. And prevent the penetration of messages and personal content through WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus APK has been able to prove its worth as the best text and voice messaging application ever; Download WhatsApp Plus has won the admiration of millions of users all over the world.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Our topic today is WhatsApp Plus, the expected and most popular update, with new and wonderful additions and features.

Do you want to know WhatsApp Plus?
In this topic, we will review a full application that includes an explanation of the download and update method, in addition to a full explanation of the features of WhatsApp Plus.
It illustrates problems and effective solutions. WhatsApp Plus latest version plus excellent alternatives that you can use if you like.

WhatsApp Plus is an updated version of the official application, developed by the programmer, with the aim of providing many features and additions that users need. We remind you in the following lines: WhatsApp Plus. This app is only an advanced app. It was developed by the developer. It is available on the Google Play Store or can be downloaded through some external links. Download WhatsApp Plus supports Android operating systems.

WhatsApp Plus

Many versions of WhatsApp Plus have been released, and each of these versions has its own advantages, and we find that WhatsApp Plus. You can download them next to downloading the original WhatsApp, but this is not possible if you download other WhatsApp, so you must first delete the original WhatsApp.

Here is the easiest way to download WhatsApp Plus, as this is done with a direct link; Which works on the speed of doing this process for different Android devices. WhatsApp Plus is nothing but a modified and developed application from the original version of the well-known social networking application WhatsApp; It is available on the official Android store, Google Play.

It was developed to complement the deficiency in the original application through a set of distinctive additions; Because of this, the application was able to gain great popularity among many users, what distinguishes WhatsApp Plus most. It is WhatsApp Plus apk settings that give users more privacy; In addition to a lot of features that we mention in the following points.

Application nameWhatsApp Plus
Application size58 MB
issue numberV.17.55
compatible togetherStarting from Android 4.1
Last updated1 day ago
Number of downloads10,000,000+

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is an upgraded version of the official app; But with additional features, as the developer has added many features such as privacy features and concealment of appearances.

Which allows you to use the WhatsApp Plus update in a different and more private way, as the features include; To which the possibility of customizing the interface has been added.

And changing the application icon, hiding conversations, and locking the application with a secret number, in short, we can say that the WhatsApp Plus application.

It is a better version with better features and functions than the original version, and with all this it is freely available for download; And it does not display any kind of ads, you can learn about them from the next paragraph.

Download WhatsApp Plus Anti Ban

The Internet is the main door. Through it, we can learn about the world around us, as we cannot abandon the Internet, even in simple matters. And what we need in life every day, as you die through this portal, to see the world around you, is access to international social communication; It is local to millions of people, and one of the most popular and important social networking sites.

We can use it in an easy and simple way, and there is no need for cost because it is on your phone, and in addition to Facebook, it is easy to bring together families and friends. This is done through group conversations, even if not all individuals are in the same city, so that they can communicate together anywhere with the ability to communicate via phone numbers.

It has become a popular social media recently, due to the interest of many users.

Download WhatsApp Plus?

Download the WhatsApp Plus apk available with the latest anti-ban update. It is the premium version of the app having a large number of great functions; This makes it one of the most important and powerful developed versions of WhatsApp.

Also, downloading the WhatsApp Plus application is considered one of the strongest, most important, and famous, and it is considered more widespread, due to its stability and the absence of problems with it. it is also; WhatsApp Plus apk increased. It is completely safe, against bans, and against viruses.

WhatsApp Plus We provide you direct download links for different Android phones by clicking on the direct download button at the end of the article.
Because WhatsApp Plus is not available in the official store.

WhatsApp Plus applications are considered the best version of the developed version of WhatsApp, although it was launched only four years ago; However, it has got a huge download rate. This is due to the developers' work on modification and development to adapt to the needs of users, in addition to the great functions that have been added to this version.
It is considered a completely safe version and does not cause problems when using it, as the WhatsApp Plus application is checked periodically; This is done so that antivirus applications are not exposed to any malware that can prevent them.

It is considered one of the most important and powerful versions of WhatsApp, which is characterized by a large number of great additional functions; This is not found in any other version. This is why it is so popular and strong with a large number of users.

Masking function. to enjoy privacy, change topics, and even increase the size of the status to more than sixty minutes; And many other additions and features that we will talk about in this topic, follow us.

WhatsApp Plus is a modified and built version of the original WhatsApp Green version; The latest version of the Google Play Store is installed along with the official app.

WhatsApp Plus, the latest version against ban, which has been developed and new features have been added to the version; It is constantly added in every new update The developers wanted to introduce more additions; This makes WhatsApp Plus the number one communication app.

Where you can send a message to your friends when you are not online and select or select the time period to send the message; They are sent automatically when someone sends you a message, in addition to the security function to lock WhatsApp Plus Close certain conversations and set a password or code for them.

WhatsApp Plus is not limited to chatting between friends and even in groups. But the developer, Abu Arab, added the huge and very practical advantages of WhatsApp Plus, including the ability to send any type of document such as Excel, Doc, and PDF; You can also send APK files, which you can check after downloading WhatsApp Plus.

How to install and activate WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus. Dear reader, after you have downloaded the WhatsApp Plus application; Here we will explain how to install and this method is very easy and simple when compared to other applications.

All you have to do is activate the option to install from other sources from within the phone settings; Then do the pressure on downloading the WhatsApp Plus application, the version against the ban and hacking. install it and then go to settings; Then go to applications and then enable all permissions. Then you open the WhatsApp Plus application, then enter your number and activate WhatsApp Plus.

The restart feature, by clicking on which WhatsApp Plus will be updated, as the application is automatically exited; Then log in again, but after it has been updated, download WhatsApp Plus for Android.

There is a feature of custom conversations. It is during which the individual can hold conversations with people; But secretly so you feel more privacy.

The interface of WhatsApp Plus is very smooth and easy to handle.
WhatsApp Plus apk provides many great themes that you can switch between from time to time to avoid boredom.

WhatsApp Plus features

WhatsApp Plus supports multiple languages, including Arabic; So you can handle the app settings without facing any difficulty.

You can enable WhatsApp Plus password to secure the app away from hackers' eyes.

The ability to know the friend who is online now on WhatsApp Plus, and also to know who visited your personal page.

You can change the look and icon of WhatsApp Plus.

There is more than one version of WhatsApp, one of the most prominent being WhatsApp Plus for Android.

They are all free versions that don't charge you to use them; Although it is a free version, it is not available in the official Google Store.

WhatsApp Plus does not contain annoying ads.

The ability to hide secret conversations and the possibility of recovering deleted messages as well.
WhatsApp Plus against ban and hack version 9.50 You can disable the automatic download of any annoying conversation.

The application is updated continuously and automatically.

WhatsApp Plus is completely secure app.

There are more than 100 fonts available in WhatsApp Plus, which you can choose as the program language.
You can download or copy any status of a friend and store it in your phone.

The ability to send scheduled messages.

The ability to hide the name and date when copying two or more messages.

You can disconnect the Internet in WhatsApp Plus
Just stay connected to the internet in the rest of the social networking apps on your phone. You can see the status of your friends without knowing that you have seen their status.

What is WhatsApp Plus download?

WhatsApp is one of the most important communication applications that work professionally
. The WhatsApp application is used for communication and messaging all over the world; This is done by sending pictures, messages, recorded audio clips, and video clips.

WhatsApp has become a strong competitor with many instant messaging sites such as TikTok and others, but WhatsApp is the most famous in the world. Its use has expanded and increased in most countries; To include in its class a large number of users of chat programs of its kind.

Also, the number of messages sent via WhatsApp per day reaches millions and billions of messages; Until the total of them reached 27 billion messages sent daily through and because of his wide popularity.

Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2013; WhatsApp officially became a subsidiary of Facebook, and WhatsApp was designed to be suitable for all types of phones, including Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone. Likewise, the BlackBerry, and WhatsApp synchronizes the contacts of the phone, so there is no need for the user to add the contacts in a list of WhatsApp.

In the interface of this application, you will find an icon in the form of a text message. Through it, the user can read the various messages sent to him, as well as the presence of the hiding feature without the sender knowing that he has read it. Next to that icon, there is another icon in the form of a search sign.

Through which the user can search for anything such as sentences or images. like that; And next to that icon, there is another icon in the form of a Wi-Fi sign through it.

The user can cut off the internet from the application, so that he can complete the work on the phone; And the ability to use other applications will show others that you are offline.

One of the most important features of the WhatsApp Plus update?

WhatsApp Plus. One of the most important features of WhatsApp Plus, the latest version, is against bans
If you have some important contacts; It is possible to place these contacts on the home screen of WhatsApp Plus for easy access to these contacts.
User can share his location with his friends. To easily follow friends to others.
Photos and videos that friends share with you are automatically saved to the phone gallery, for easy saving.
There is also the WhatsApp Web function, through which WhatsApp Plus can be used on PC. Dark mode is enabled.
it is also; In the latest versions of WhatsApp, so that the user has a better view while using the application.
When the user edits the photos and videos, he can use the stickers.

WhatsApp Plus update Download WhatsApp for Android whatsapp Gold

User can share statuses with friends.

These statuses allow friends, who identify the user, to see the status after 24 hours; The status is automatically deleted.

Hide that you are online now: Many users are looking for privacy while using the internet.

An update for WhatsApp gives you the ability to see statuses without the owner knowing. Through an option found in WhatsApp Plus.

Write a message: Normally while writing a message, the recipient will see (Written Now), but by activating this function, the recipient will not see this sentence.

Mark as received: With this option, you can read messages. Without the sender's knowledge of this matter, which provides you with privacy.

Hide read mark: This option provides you complete privacy; Where you can read messages without the other party knowing about this, and this provides you with uninterrupted Internet use.

You are recording audio: Normally while recording an audio clip, the recipient appears (recording in progress); But by activating this function, the recipient will not see this sentence.

I listened to the audio clip: By activating this option, you can listen to the audio clips sent to you. without knowing the other person.

Download Statuses: Download WhatsApp Plus gives you the ability to download different statuses.

Plus WhatsApp Blue

Turn on multiple numbers in WhatsApp:
There are multiple copies of your account. Program font change: WhatsApp Plus, the latest anti-ban version, contains several types of fonts; About 16 lines, WhatsApp users can choose any font they like.

WhatsApp Plus, the latest version, anti-ban, activate the function (do not delete messages) Sometimes a friend sends you a message, and then deletes it before receiving it; When this function is activated, the sender will not be able to delete the message he sent, and you can also restore it.

You can add around 600 people in the group and also send a message to 600 people at a time.

There are tons of new and cute emojis, and you can even send Gifs.

The problem of bans experienced by official WhatsApp users has been resolved, as the developer of WhatsApp Plus has filled this gap.

Whenever someone updates their profile or adds a new status, WhatsApp Plus will notify you of that update.

The feature of preventing someone from reaching you or contacting you via WhatsApp, the latest version, against the ban.

The number of Astori characters in the application exceeds 250 characters.

The ability to send an audio clip of up to 100 MB, and you can send a video to a friend of 30 MB.

You can operate more than one number for the same WhatsApp Plus up to three numbers. You can send 90 photos to your friends at one time.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

Download WhatsApp Plus scheduled messages in which the user can write a message.

Type as many words as you want. and to send this message to many people at the same time; Instead of typing the same message more than once, this ensures that the user saves effort and time.

Group messages for groups: WhatsApp Web functionality, with which the user can log in from websites; In your account, by logging in from Web.whatsapp.com, which will ask you to scan and enter a QR code; To be able to open WhatsApp Plus on the computer.

Star messages: WhatsApp Plus allows you to star certain messages. WhatsApp Plus, the user can access these messages faster, instead of searching through the long messages.

Status: through which the user can share several statuses; Whether it is written, photos or videos with friends, and see who viewed these statuses.

Configuration: Through it, the user can perform many activities such as changing the language, etc. with other settings.

What are the advantages of updating , downloading WhatsApp Plus for Android?

WhatsApp Plus was able to succeed and spread in a short time, because it has many great features; This makes it the most secure and private application among the various chat applications, and among the most important functions of WhatsApp the latest version, are the following:

Free application: All users anywhere can download it on various smartphones without any restrictions. You have to pay upfront fees or subscriptions.

Light application: WhatsApp Plus, the latest version, is light and does not take up much space in the phone's storage memory; This is because the size of the program does not exceed 50MB.

Supports all operating systems: You can easily download the update for WhatsApp Plus, download WhatsApp Plus for Android on your computer or mobile device; It works on Android or iOS systems.

The ability to close conversations: Through WhatsApp Plus, the latest version against ban, you can choose and close some conversations, to get rid of some intruders and harassing people.

Supports the Arabic language: WhatsApp Plus is characterized by the fact that it supports a wide range of the most famous international languages, including the Arabic language.

The possibility of operating two numbers at the same time on the same WhatsApp Plus. also ; The ability to choose the appropriate form among the forms for closing calls or conversations.

Possibility to choose between the different fonts present in WhatsApp Plus
. Change the background and choose from several backgrounds for each friend.

Control who can cancel conversations or who can see your stories.

Choose the theme and design of the app that suits you best.

Show your profile picture with every message, or hide it with every message.

Minimize or enlarge the image that appears with messages.

The ability to download all cases of the WhatsApp Plus application with friends.

Set a password to protect WhatsApp from hackers or spying.

One of the most important features of Plus WhatsApp is that it is against the ban?

This version has also been updated to version 2.19.274. There are some issues with not being able to add the previous features.

like this; WhatsApp Plus update, due to WhatsApp policy. Work is underway to add the above features.

It increases the security of your conversations by adding a WhatsApp lock, the latest anti-ban version; It is located in the WhatsApp settings. The ability to automatically play the audio clips sent to you without the need to click on them.

In addition, in the update for Plus WhatsApp, download WhatsApp Plus for Android, many privacy settings are available, such as hide visibility; It hides the read and received sign and many other features.

In WhatsApp Plus, the latest version, there is an option to prevent deletion of messages once activated; Messages sent to you by others will not be deleted.

There is also an option available in the WhatsApp Plus update that prevents others from knowing that you have seen statuses.

Also, in WhatsApp Plus, there is an option to prevent the converted message from appearing.

You can also easily copy and download statuses. There are some characteristics of a person; Please download the update. Many other improvements have been added.

WhatsApp Plus add-ons

There are many features and functionalities in this feature that make WhatsApp Plus latest version.

One of the best social networking apps among people all over the world. Among the best features and characteristics are:
Hide last user view.

Choose who can contact the user. Turn off the converted signal. Hide view state. Cases are not removed. Messages are not deleted. Two blue checkmarks will then appear to confirm that the messages have been sent.

The main screen The main screen allows you to perform several functions, such as: Controlling the appearance of the main program interface.

In all cases of the new WhatsApp. Possibility to change the profile picture. Controls whether separators are hidden or shown. Font color and shape. The ability to receive notifications when you change your profile picture.


The WhatsApp Plus version is distinguished by its wide range of cool themes, and you can control and change them as you wish; You can also add new topics through different websites, in addition to that you can control the deletion of various topics or restore topics that have been deleted.

Conversation screen

Through this feature in the WhatsApp Plus program, the latest version, against ban, you can control the appearance of the conversation, such as: changing the color of the conversation, or setting different backgrounds for each friend, the ability to set your profile picture as the background type for conversations, or set the background you prefer. The possibility of activating the feature of hiding names or dates when copying messages. You can specify the global admin for your groups.

against pirates

The new version of the WhatsApp Plus program against ban and hacking, version 9.50, offers to download WhatsApp Plus, which cannot be hacked or know your personal secrets through it. It also features hide friends, and you can hide the function of reading, viewing or receiving the message.

Password protection

Among the strong privacy specifications that WhatsApp Plus allows you to set a password for WhatsApp, which prevents the possibility of hackers entering the program; You can also lock WhatsApp Plus with just a password or fingerprint.

Supports all operating systems

The new version of the WhatsApp Plus program, the latest anti-ban version, allows you to activate the program on all operating systems, from Windows to PC and Xbox.

How to update WhatsApp Plus APK

➰You can download the new WhatsApp Plus update to the latest version
➰ Download the latest WhatsApp update through the link below our article.
➰Download the app on your Android phone, and see what it has of the newest features in the WhatsApp Plus update, the anti-ban version.

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